Centered in a county full of lush, rolling farmland, you’ll find an unexpected urban 绿洲:宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特., F&M非凡的家乡. 兰开斯特提供了丰富的混合物 of arts and culture filled with experiences for every taste and preference — all within 校园安全步行距离.


In 1730, Lancaster was designated a market town, or a town in a rural area with a 定期的市场. Today, it’s a thriving city of nearly 60,000 residents.

Lancaster’s rich history is prevalent everywhere you look. 在城市的中心 is Central Market, built in 1730 and the oldest continuously operating farmers markets 在美国.S. Here, you can glimpse Amish businesses operating alongside modern-day 行业. 离F不到一英里&M是富尔顿剧院,建于1852年 国家历史地标. Some of the brightest stars of theatre, music and film have appeared on the Fulton stage, including Mark Twain, Lionel Barrymore, Louis Armstrong, W.C. 菲尔兹和兰开斯特的乔纳森·格罗夫. 兰开斯特也是一种独特的 collection of historic buildings, with many diverse architectural styles dating back 一直到18世纪、19世纪和20世纪.

One City; Myriad Cultures

From its roots in Pennsylvania Dutch heritage to current vibrant culture, Lancaster might be the East Coast’s most surprising global village. 学区的学生 兰开斯特 speak more than 30 languages, reflective of the many nationalities represented 仅在城市边界内.

这种广泛的多样性反映在F&M的校园. 学院有超过 100 student organizations, including ethnic and lifestyle clubs, political advocacy groups, religious organizations, service groups, and other special interest clubs — all of which open their doors to any student interested in learning about new cultures, 风俗和美食.


At the heart 兰开斯特’s arts scene is Gallery Row, a three-block cluster of art 离学校不到两英里的画廊. 再走远一点你就知道了 to bump into one 兰开斯特’s public art installations or murals, several of which 都是由F创造的&M校友和员工艺术家. 每个月的第一个星期五, step off campus and find a city abuzz as 90-plus art galleries, museums, shops and 餐馆把营业时间延长到晚上.

我喜欢兰开斯特的发展. 看到这么多壁画出现真是令人兴奋 可以接触艺术,更多的餐馆和咖啡馆.”

——salina Almanzar ' 13


No matter where you turn, Lancaster is full of extraordinary opportunities for your F&M education and is ultimately an incredible place to call home. 

  • Grab a bite from one 兰开斯特’s more than 100 restaurants, cafes and eateries 来自世界各地的美食. 许多餐馆从附近的农场进货 创造新鲜的从农场到餐桌的菜肴.
  • Cheer on the Lancaster Barnstormers at Clipper Magazine Stadium, a 10-minute walk 从大学校园.
  • Catch a show at one 兰开斯特’s theatre and music venues.
  • Freshen up your wardrobe with a shopping excursion to Lancaster’s many boutiques and 商店.
  • See the latest independent film or blockbuster at one 兰开斯特’s nearby movie 影院.

“可以肯定地说,我在F&如果没有这座城市,M就不会是现在这个样子 兰开斯特.”

"Lancaster has provided me with some incredible opportunities and cultural entertainment. It is so nice to have the city right next to the college.——劳拉·格林厄姆,23岁

生活 & 在兰开斯特学习

From hands-on research to resume-enhancing internships, discover how we offer our students a variety of opportunities to live and learn in this vibrant city.




准备好探索F了吗?&M? 我们等不及要见到你了! 从校园参观到虚拟面试, learn more about the variety of options to tailor your F&M访问.


Lancaster’s location offers easy access to major metropolitan areas. 坐美国铁路公司的车 train station just two miles 从大学校园, you can ride the rails toward an exciting day in New York City or Philadelphia with your friends. 或者,跳上高速公路 reach major cities and airports in just a couple of hours.


Check out this list of places to visit, curated by our very own students! 的建议 below are just the start — all are a short walk off-campus.




An estimated 2,100 students, parents and alumni filled 富兰克林 & 马歇尔校园十月. 27-29 "真蓝周末. The annual 首页coming and Family Weekend offered something for members of every generation.


F&M 校友 Contribute to Thriving Community in Lancaster

本周,F&M alumni are returning to campus for True Blue Weekend, and some won’t have far to travel. Many Diplomats choose to stay in Lancaster after graduating or move back after living elsewhere, thanks to the city’s strong community and career opportunities. F&M alumni are eager to give back to Lancaster through careers in public service or by volunteering with local nonprofits.



Autumn marks the commencement of countless campus traditions at F&M. Check out this list of fall favorites, curated by our very own students!